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Hyper Light Music is a rhythm game, here you can play on the beat, melody and percussion of your favorite music. The game follows a neon style and a futuristic approach to the gameplay. But most important, the music predicts everything.

The current state of the game is alpha, only electronic music styles, the mode defend and 3 rhythms are available. In future updates other genres and modes will be released.

Genres are pre-definitions of music styles.

To work properly with different music, genres need to be separated, and the fun part, every genre has it own playstyle and effects.

Rhythms are music parts.

You can choose one and play the way you like.

Modes are different playstyles.

For now only the defend mode is available, where you protect the center from enemies. But don't panic, other modes will be released in future updates.

Difficulty are pre-definitions for the enemies.

It depends on the music, if the music is slow, the difficulty is easier, but sometimes even the easy can be hard.

I will try my best to update the game fast as possible, so feedback is important, if something it's not good or have a problem, send to me, so I can improve the game to be the best rhythm game you can play.


Bugs, performance issues and suggestions:


Future updates will release the features not available now.


Translations introduced to the game.
Support to other platforms.


Updates don't override data from your scores, musics and other informations, you can unistall the game previous version without problem.

All features released available!

If you can, consider donating. It will help the project in every way! Adding more stuff, improving algorithms, unique content for "New Game" and more!

To donate, just click on the images!

For north american donors!

Para doadores brasileiros!

For european donors!


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GTA San Andreas Soundtrack ft Mariah Carey

Enjoy :)
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I really enjoyed my time with this game, it has a ton of potential. 

I only tried a few songs and they ranged from being quite slow and easy to being downright impossible on Easy mode for one of them (the chorus just became an array of flashing light.... and the spinning haha).

No real bugs that I could see, though the features were a little lacking but it is an Alpha though so that's fair.

I'd love to see a custom map creator so users can make their own "levels" for songs as the current automatic generation is a little rough on some songs and it can take away from the satisfaction of having the "bullets" hit on the beat like I assume was the intended effect. Maybe a website like OSU's beatmap site, where users can upload songs and maps?

My other suggestion, and this is purely subjective, is to make the movement in steps rather than free moving. Instead of circling around the hexagon, the player would move one "step" at a time to the side next to them. I personally think that this could be a little less frustrating but it would also make it easier for the player and would be more precise. It's simply a question of the kind of game you want this to be, challenging or relaxing/casual.

Either way, I had fun and I'm eagerly waiting to see where this game goes!

Sem palavras para descrever o quão "alucinante" é o jogo, Iury Souza.

Joguei no escuro e amei!!!!!

Fora que tem muitos detalhes "escondidos".

Radical (Original Mix) by Dyro and Dannic

I'm incredibly bad at this kind of games ): but love it (the games, not being bad at them...)

Obrigado! Posso dizer que o jogo pode ser bem dificil dependendo da música, mas o propósito é para se divertir mesmo!

Went hands on with HLM, and VERY impressed. Will be following this project and messing around with some of the different gametypes. Super rad. 


Thank you. I really appreciate the video and feedback. Seeing that more people are interested in playing!

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my post was negative how? I said your installer does nothing but freeze the location it's in.  I waited for 5 minutes, this is a PC that runs Metal Gear Rising at max settings 1080p 60 fps no problem. You're going to tell me your game has no issues?

I think it's more like - this person said a bad thing about my game, I better delete it instantly.

the regular person viewing this page isn't going to see the email I send you saying the same thing. If it ain't a huge issue, then why do you delete my post? haha.

it's almost like you're trying to hide something.

mind you I tried this on my gaming laptop in addition to my desktop. same result. just pretend I emailed this to you, instead of deleting it from public eye ^^b

I really don't want you to have my email address, I'm already sketched out by this " installer " 


Okay, let's break it down.

Firstly, you said that this game should not be on the featured list if it is not even a game. This is not the way to get support from a developer.

Second, you were the only one who had this problem and nobody else.

Third, you are exalting yourself, trying to impose something that has no foundation, saying that I am trying to hide something.

And lastly, now you can download the .zip of the game, without having to install.

Any other problem, send in the email and not here, because this is not a discussion forum.

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I'm a bit torn on this.  Developers should have the right to moderate their forums as they see fit, however outright fully-deleting a post (instead of just hiding it or at least quoting the original in your response) just reeks of censorship.

I don't accuse the dev or anyone else of censorship but some terrible 'developers' aka asset flippers on Steam are really horrible people who feel entitled to get money for the crap they excrete upon Steam.  Some of them have tried it on itch (one in particular just literally changed lighting colors around and calls it a different 'game' and charges another price altogether) but of course people smell BS a lot more often here.

I've been poking at Temmie's posts and it reads like a laundry list of random spew from someone who's too immature to know how to talk to actual PEOPLE (these are actual indie devs; people making the actual game; they are not faceless corporations or people with PR departments or any of that executive crap).  I spew at corporations all the time.  Corporations are faceless soulless legal constructs without feelings.  But indie devs are actual people so we all should do our best to treat them as such.

If people are having issues with the game, follow the proper support procedure or (at your discretion) feel free to refund it, post your (negative) criticism and the issues you experienced.  That's the right of a consumer.  However it is the developer's right in turn to respond to said criticism if they feel it is inaccurate and are willing to back up those statements with some actual data.

While I personally would've left the post as-is (or at the minimum quoted it in full and archived it prior to deletion to mitigate claims of 'censorship'), I can get why the dev wants to moderate things like they do.  This is their 'home' on itch.io for their game; not really a Steam store page to spew uncontested in a review ;)

Thanks for the comments, but let's close this discussion here.

I'm not trying to offend anyone or trying to hide something, I just replied the way I thought it was right and nothing else. I have no problem deleting posts if I think it is not correct. And I see that I have a right to that and a duty to demonstrate facts if necessary.

And to finish, any post in that pipeline from now on will be directed to the correct path, and deleted soon after. As I said this is not a discussion forum, I am seeking feedback.

Well me my self have no issues with this game 
i downloaded it yesterday and it's great 
i'm with my gt 730 / core 2 dou E7500 pc runs it 30 fps at 720p
if your "high end" pc has problems with it then it might be your problem
maybe it's your PC's problem 
and maybe he deleted it because he is already working on it or something
or maybe someone reported you to the website admins
it's have to be "him" the developer

even if it was him.
some people don't understand this is an alpha, and he doesn't want his game to fail just because people does't know its alpha.
so if people said bad stuff about it, others who doesn't know this is an alpha won't download it.
this is "if" he deleted it.


Though still in the early stages, Hyper Light Music has a pretty decent foundation going on and has a lot of potential as a rhythm game. Plus, it has everything you need in a music based game: Bright lights and rapidly moving bright lights!

Good job, dev. This is sure to make a lot of people dizzy while having fun!

First, thank you for feedback and video. About the topics you mentioned:

- Genres consist of modes for the game to operate in different styles of music, not all music will work in "Electro", that is the function of other genres, and they have different playstyles too.

- The sound effects will be changed, they were chosen to not intertwine with the songs. But they certainly are not good.

- Time is marked by the line around the hexagon and the lives by the face in the center. Sorry for the lack of tutorials at the moment.

- The difficulty. Many songs can be impossible even in easy mode, but enemies, move, spawn, effects, etc. Are by the "current music speed".

- The noise. In future updates there will be options to remove certain effects, such as noise and effects in the gameplay itself. I admit that I ended up using this effect a lot, and it's not necessary in the menus, just in the gameplay part.

I saw that you were playing a demo version of the game. If you want the complete Alpha version, it's available for free download now. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the game!


I didn't see the updated version was out until after posting here, which is timing I've had with other games, so it's a bit funny to me. Gave the new version a try and I liked the new "burst" visuals during gameplay.

Deleted post
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Please if you having problems, you can use the support email. This section is not for problems. And your comment is aggressive to the community and will be deleted.

Deleted post

STOP SPAMMING! I'm sick of your crappy website spammed all over itch.io. Calling it the "Game Dev World Championships" is just a pathetic way of trying to give it some legitimacy. It's trash. It's spam and you're a spammer. Please stop


Your beat detection is pretty good. Was there a certain source you read for the algorithm?


No, sorry. It was all in the "try and error", the whole algorithm is created based on what I think might be good and interesting to play.


this is just super hexagon + undyne battle + audiosurf. And i love it


Thank you! You're right, I rely on these games and a few more to create mine! Great games, by the way!